Marmoset Diets, Is a Suppliers of Marmoset food and Essential Primate Supplements, and Accessories in the UK

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"Holiday Closure Dates".

Closed on Tuesday 23th June 2015 for two weeks - Re-open on Thursday 9th July. All order must be with us by Friday 19th June to be posted out by Monday 22nd June. Orders received after this date will not be processed until 9th July.

Kind Regards Christine and Patrick.


Sometimes we have baby Marmosets for Sale.
Please phone us for details

Important Announcement
Woodstocks Nutritional Supplements

We are pleased to announce that Woodstocks Nutritional Supplements is now under new managerment of Marmosetdiets now that Mr Michael Putnam has retired,We will continue to manufacture and supply these products to the highest standard under the Woodstocks Nutritional Supplements name,as  was produced by Michael and his wife Llid.
Christine and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for all the advice, training  and help he has given for us, for us to be able to continue to produce the Woodstock products at the same high standard that it is well known for, We would also like to wish Michael and Llid  our very best wishes for them for the future...   
Patrick & Christine Smith

Woodstocks Nutritional Supplement products are only available from us as we are now the sole suppliers, or you can order by "Going to our Woodstock website"  that is also part of marmosetdiets;

Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin E feed supplements for Marmosets and other New World monkeys, and reptiles such as iguana and chameleons

Bobby Our 10 month 0ld Male Squirrel Monkey
Bobby sitting on our hands and shoulders

Hi All,
“Can anyone Help?” I am still looking for a female squirrel Monkey to go with the 10 month old male. We purchase this little chap 6 months ago with all intentions of getting him a female to go with him, but unfortunately we have not been successful in locating another one for him. At the moment he is inside with us but needs to go outside in the aviaries, this we cannot do as he will be on his own, we have named him Bobby and he has become so tame and very inquisitive when let out always want to sit on the computer while I am working. If anyone can help in tracing another young Female or even a Male Squirrel Monkey there wold be a finder’s fee if it led to us purchasing another. Please email or phone us on 07717012684 or Thank You Patrick and Christine


"We would like to ask all our customers and readers of this website, not to send  mobile texts to us. "Mobile Text" will not be responded or answered.We would much more prefer receiving a phone call. Mobile Text  are far too time consuming, this is  taking far too much of our time in having to reply to the many mobile texts we are now getting daily, many could well be by-passed. Please try to understand why we ask this of you, as so much of our time is taken up in helping and given advice".

Our Phone will be on between 9am and 8pm
Regard Patrick and Christine


For all your Marmoset Primate Essential Food Supplements and Accessories
Please go to our online shop: Click on "Marmoset Shopping Button".

"Please note we only ship to addresses within the UK"  
"Placing an overseas order "WILL NOT" Be Sent Out or Honoured".
 For further information please telephone : 07717012684-Between the hours of 9am & 8pm
or send an email to: or

Visiting Monkey Jungle. In the Domician Republic "Caribbean"
There is about 50 Squirrel Monkeys roaming free. and Also a large troop of Capuchins



We are "Sorry" but please do not attempt to contact us, with a mobile text message  We Will Not Respond To Mobile TEXT Messages,also our phones Are Setup Not To Receive Phone Calls Who Have Their Details Withheld (UNKNOWN) All you would get is an engaged tone. Please make sure your phone number is not withheld. We Will Not Respond To Mobile TEXT Messages


Animal Welfare Act 2006

How does the Act affect me?
When does the new law come into effect?
From 6 April 2007 in England, and in Wales from 27 March, animal welfare law is being improved.
It is still against the law to be cruel to an animal. But now you must also ensure that all the welfare needs of your animals are met.

CLICK HERE To Read more on your reqirements in keeping a primate (Monkey)

A pair of Cotton Ear ( Callithrix Jacchus) with babies on their back
A pair of Cotton Ear (Common Marmosets) ( Callithrix Jacchus)
A pair of Baby Cotton Ear Marmosets ( Callithrix Jacchus)
Patrick with Chico the male Capuchin monkey In the Dominican Republic

This Website has been setup as a dedicated site for private Primate Keepers in the UK. We also run a Rescue Centre for those who can no longer keep their monkey. If you would  like to discuss with us, or to get further information regards us taking your monkey then please telephone us for an informal chat and advice, we are here to help and to advise.

Telephone or email for further information

For those looking to purchase a Capuchins monkey.

CLICK HERE: To see a Video Clip of some of our Marmosets

CLICK HERE: For a list of Poisonous-Plants which are dangerous to Marmosets.

CLICK HERE: To see family photos.

CLICK HERE For the full story of Monkey Man Jack Campbell who was convicted of murder and my love for the killer, and also for the victim Black Bob. This story first came to our attention when we were asked by the Scottish SPCA animal section to help them out by taking in a number of marmosets from them asap; this was because they had removed them from the offenders home who were now in custody on a murder charge. We travelled within hours over night up to their headquarters that was in between Glasgow and Edinburgh , this was because the marmosets needed to be picked up as soon as possible as the spca primate housing was being dismantled

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